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Nusole Presents is the community focused, creative media arm of the Nusole brand. Understanding the role in which sneakers play within the culture, Nusole Presents fuses fashion, sport, music, food and art, in a way never explored before with a series of innovative events.


Rhythm to the sole and form of artistic expression. Good vibes good energy.


Promoting physical and mental health to improve quality of life.


Staple of community gatherings, used to explore cultural identity.


Broadening horizons, building knowledge and creating opportunities to achieve. Aspire to inspire.


Statement of identity and individual expression. The origin of Nusole.


Essential source of social connection and sense of belonging. Live together, grow together.


Self expression and story telling through clothes. Dare to be different.


Using the universal ‘language’ of sport to promote healthy lifestyles and build stronger communities.


Sharing and communication creative thoughts, emotions and experiences

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Good vibes, good energy, nothing more nothing less

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Celebrating excellence in collaboration with Manchester United Foundation
Old Trafford Stadium
17th October 23

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Our Recent Posts